One minute ‘check in’ on how to deal with everyday stress factors

Our one minute ‘check in’ helps all business travellers and travel professionals to deal on the spot with arising stresses. Whether it is an email of complaint from a customer, a luggage delay or a lengthy connection time, you can practice this short meditation to bring you back to the present moment and allow to create space between yourself and your thoughts.


Introduction to Mindfulness Sessions

Trip Unwind provides an introduction to Mindfulness for organisations. This one-hour session includes a short talk on the benefits of mindfulness, followed by a mindfulness practice and feedback time.


Morning Unwind’ Group Practices

Trip Unwind organizes Group Practices via Zoom every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8.00 am and 08.30 am for a short 15 minutes practice. The mindfulness practice will help to start the day in the right way.


MBSR – Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 8 weeks course

Starting in January 2019, this 8-week course is specifically for business travellers and all those people working within the travel industry. The course aims at tackling specific stress factors and helps travel professionals to improve their work performance, regain focus and feel energized