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The Body Scan Practice

Every Thursday at 8:15pm BST

Complimentary Virtual Event on Zoom

The Body Scan practice is one of the most effective to bring relaxation to your body, to better focus your attention and improve sleep.
The practice.
Join me every Thursday for a 40 minutes complimentary body scan session to reconnect with your physical self and start your journey into Mindfulness. Take time to create a safe and quiet space for yourself where you feel supported and nourished. The practice can be done both seated on a chair or even better lying down, just make sure to find a comfortable place when we start the practice.

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Start Your Journey Into Mindfulness Online Workshop

Monday 13th July 18:00-19:30 BST

Free Virtual Event on Zoom.

In this workshop you will understand how your brain works, how you get stressed and how Mindfulness, with simple and practical tools, can help you build up the resilience you need when facing everyday's challenges.
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Mindfulness To Work 6 Weeks Online Course- Special Offer

The Mindfulness to Work course meets every week for 6 weeks, every Monday between 6.30pm and 8pm, starting Monday 27th July.
There are daily mindfulness sessions every day Monday to Friday at 8.00-8.30am to help all participants to start developing their practice.
There is a half day class on Sunday 23rd August between the 4th and 5th week, from 10am to 2pm.

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